OK Stop! Fast-paced improv comedy

OK Stop! is a long-form improvised comedy troupe from Birmingham.

Meet the cast

  • Lyndsay

    Lyndsay ran guns for the mob back in ’73, but has since retired. She has 44 dogs.

  • Max

    Despite being a time-travelling blacksmith from the 17th century, Max’s grip on memes is solid.

  • Cat

    Cat wants to make it abundently clear that she is absolutely not a ghost.

  • Tom

    After making his millions from inventing a special kind of shoe, Tom now lives in Birmingham. He is 104.

  • A little more about us

    OK Stop! is a comedy improv troupe from Birmingham, featuring actors, writers, spies, performers, warriors, and liars.

    The team takes a suggestion from the audience and improvises a B-Movie… like the one on that VHS tape you borrowed from your mate Gareth’s big brother, but were too scared to put in the player.

    Shows are fast-paced, interactive, and unpredictable. Join us for our next show; bring along an idea for a film, and some spare tape head cleaner if you have any.

    See us perform